Spur 5 to 610 Extension Construction Project: This is not Fonde's First Rodeo with TXDOT and SPUR 5...

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TXDOT started construction and did not notify us. 

Why are we opposing this project?  TXDOT's reasons to build and the facts against it.


Marchetti's constant is the average time spent by a person for commuting each day. Its value is approximately one hour, or half an hour for a one-way trip.  People will travel as far out as TXdot makes it possible.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marchetti%27s_constant#:~:text=Marchetti's%20constant%20is%20the%20average,for%20a%20one%2Dway%20trip.

The University of Houston website has a page about Spur 5: https://stories.uh.edu/2023-spur-5-traffic-update/index.html

SH35 along with other project have been voted by the HGAC to have their construction delayed until 2026. The vote took place on April 28th. 

Two members of FCC attended the meeting in order to provide public comments. 

We need you to help us make this project better.

TXDOT Spur 5 to 610 Extension Project 

ACTION STEP: We need to submit our comments to protect our neighborhood from additional  Noise and Air Pollution

Unfortunately, the communication about this project has been poor and the comments period has ended. TXDOT has DENIED our request to extend the comments deadline from December 30th, 2022 to January 31st, 2023. 

However, this does NOT mean we are voiceless.


What you can do is: Submit your comments ASAP to Senator Carol Alvarado: Carol.Alvarado@senate.texas.gov as well as copy thefondecivicclub@gmail.com

There are many comment points that need to be raised regarding this project. We have so far identified the following: 

Noise Barriers so Fonde does not get both I-45 (which they should have built concrete barriers but did not to save $), and Spur 5 highway noise and litter.

 Environmental Considerations: The project states no environmental impacts. How about the EAGLE habitat at MacGregor Park? 

Drainage of rainfall into Brays Bayou. Our bike paths already get underwater under our current rainfall, what will happen when all that extra highway waters drain into the Bayou and there is less ground surface to absorb it?

 Air quality: The project reports no increase in air pollution.  

Corruption in the system ?: Lovett LLC in January of 2021 purchased land for $13k per acre where the project will be purchasing land for the right of the way. If surrounding comps show 1/4 acre lots for 60k, why was public land sold so cheaply to a privately held corporation which can then turn around and sell it for more than the 13k per acre paid?

Did you know? Many years ago SPUR 5 was set to be built THROUGH our neighborhood. Fonde Civic Club fought back and as a result our neighborhood is not intersected by Spur 5.

This time TXDOT pulled a fast one on us. At the meeting on December 6th attended by president Karina Blest, we learned (at the video presentation linked below the title above) that TXDOT has a previous community meeting not attended by any of the main civic club leaders. 

What's Wrong with This Picture?

The Communities impacted by this project do not know about this project. 

TXDOT stated they sent postcards but I don't recall getting one...did you get a postcard or notice?

The first community meeting in which many key community-affecting project design items were decided had no community leaders attending it.

Upon learning of the meeting from one of our FCC leaders, FCC sent an email to various civic clubs affected by this project. None of the leaders knew of the meeting. Thankfully they quickly proceeded to contacting other community members and councilwoman to attend the meeting. 

No Virtual meeting option: TXDOT stated on their page there would be a virtual meeting. FCC contact the office of Senator Carol Alvarado to request help in obtaining a link to the virtual meeting. We found out there was not going to be live virtual meeting instead a link to the video (link provided above) would be posted on the Website.

Comment option was only from December 6th to December 30th. Many Civic Clubs take a break in December due to the Holiday Season. Many folks travel, take vacation etc. during this time of year. This is not the time to set a community meeting and a short comment period. All these are impediments for our communities to learn about the project and have a chance to understand and form questions, express concerns and present requests. 

Look at the posted TXDOT project timeline...

FCC along with other Community leaders and Civic Clubs will be asking TXDOT to explain how public comments will be considered.

The first meeting in May 2021 per TXDOT received 13 comments. Were those comments considered and did they impact the project design? How do we know what value or impact our present comments will have if any?

Why did TXDOT not communicate with civic club and community leaders about the project?

The video states that air pollution will not increase, there will be no adverse environmental impacts etc... Were these assessments done by a third party? Who vets TXDOT projects? 

What questions do you have regarding this project? Please email us at: thefondecivicclub@gmail.com

Together we can help protect our communities.