SmokeSax 5 floor tall sculpture Issue: What's the big deal? 

SmokeSax approval means Fonde Park integration by the Orange Show

Aprovacion del SmokeSax es El Primero Paso en la Integracion de Nuestro Parque Fonde a el nuevo campus del Orange Show 

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SmokeSax Approval Could Mean Fonde Park Appropiation by the Orange Show

Left: The proposed site of the SmokeSax where the OS would coordinate programming including concerts. Some of the identified concerns are lack of parking, appropriation of the existing Bayou observation area, and loud music from concerts.

September 5th Update:

We have delivered a survey to hear your opinion about public art in our neighborhood. Your answer matters. We want to hear from you. Please fill out the survey. If you need an additional copy just email us at:

May 27th Update:

Dear Neighbors,

We are working hard on a flyer about this issue which will be coming to you along with our June Newletter. Also we will be distributing a survey to each household. Make your voice heard on what your opinion is. Your Voice Matters!

May 19th Update:

May 5th Online Meeting:  60+ people attended the online meeting. How many of those who attended were from our neighborhood we do not know. Thank you to those who attended the meeting.

May 10th City Council Meeting: FCC's treasurer Molly Salazar and president Karina Blest went to City Hall to reiterate our request for a community survey and for Fonde Park to remain a park serving our neighborhood.  Our main request is for the City to create a protocol to allow neighborhoods to give or not give consent for large artworks to be placed in their community spaces.

You can watch the video of what was actually said here: To watch what was actually said without the biased Chronicle May 11th article:


Houston Chronicle Articles:

May 6th:

May 11th:

Dear Neighbors,

It has recently come to our attention that the SmokeSax Sculpture  Project (70 feet tall) is part of a greater plan which includes the appropriation of Fonde Park. 

We sent a letter on March 30th, to both the head of the Orange Show Board of Directors and Mr. Kenneth Allen from the Parks Board.  You can find the letter below. 

Last November, the Orange Show put out a press release that was NOT sent to us. In the release, which was given to us recently by a concerned resident of our neighborhood, we read that the OS plans to appropriate Fonde Park to extend their campus including Fonde Park as part of the OS experience. The SmokeSax is the bookend of their proposed project. 

We want to hear from YOU. Are you for the OS appropriation of Fonde Park?  

You find a copy of all letters we have sent so far here:

Questions to the Orange Show 

1. Who from the OS is going to  officially communicate to the FCC? 

2. What authority do individual OS board members have to bind the OS? 

3. Why does the OS think it should be in charge of the revitalization of Fonde Park? 4. The Press Release suggests that the OS sees itself as being in charge of the “community-driven  programming” it envisions for Fonde Park. Why should the OS be in charge of Fonde Park  “community-driven programming?” 

5. How does the OS think the  SmokeSax will reflect community values? 

6. Given that Bob Wade was educated as an undergraduate and graduate student in fine art (UT art,  Berkeley MFA in painting), is the intended reconstruction of the Wade piece considered by the  OS to be visionary art? Outsider or self-taught art? Folk art? How is the Wade piece within the  OS's creative remit? 

7. What connection does Bob Wade have to the Fonde community, or the Eado community, or Houston?  

8. Why does the OS characterize the SmokeSax as “community-driven art”?  

9. Did the OS consider works of art for installation other than the SmokeSax? 

10. Did the OS consider featuring in Fonde Park one or more early and/or mid-career local living  artists, or any other visionary artist(s) instead of Bob Wade, a professional artist based in Austin when he was alive? 

11. Does the OS think the reconstruction and necessary modifications of the SmokeSax  will result in  an original Bob Wade work?  

12. Has the OS considered erecting the SmokeSax at Discovery Green as an OS monument or gift of  the OS? The scale is right, it is a party venue, and it would seem to otherwise fit well. Or any  other location? 

13. In light of the delayed completion of Smither Park and ongoing degradation of the mosaics, how does the OS plan to complete and maintain additional structures?

All of the following questions are about changes from the construction and operation of the campus [For  purposes of the following questions, the affected area (Area) is defined by the following streets and  includes all streets in the Area :  

• 45S feeder from Jean St. to Lidstone; 

• Lidstone from 45S feeder to Carrolton; 

• Carrolton from Lidstone to Collier St.; 

• Collier St. from Carrolton to Hansford Ave.; 

• Hansford Ave. from Collier St. to Jean St.; 

• Jean St. from Hansford St. to 45S feeder.]

14. What permanent changes to traffic flow in the Area are being anticipated and planned for by OS  experts as a result of the campus? Please be specific as to street and locations on street. 

15. What accommodations for the increase in parking demand in the Area are being planned for by  the OS experts? Please be specific as to street and locations on street. 

16. What changes to streets in the Area, including resurfacing and widening, are being anticipated  and planned for by OS experts? Please be specific as to street and locations on street. 

17. What improvements and changes to the existing wastewater drainage and surface water run-off  facilities in the Area are being anticipated and planned for by OS experts?  Please identify  corridors and other locations that will be directly affected.  

18. How long will construction on the streets and related areas take?  I.e., how long will community  traffic and parking be affected by construction? 

19,  In light of current street parking problems for residents along Munger near Smither Park, why does the OS campus expansion not include any designated visitor parking?


The Orange Show is currently raising more designated funds on its website for this sculpture and its press release clearly shows the SmokeSax by the Bayou.  The City has repeatedly told us the project is not approved and permitted YET.  

See the new SmokeSax/Kensington Plaza design and fundraising information here:

Some of the questions we want to be answered are:

How can an institution raise funds for a project that could possibly be denied by our residents? Will the city permit something the residents are against? Can the city allow a non-profit to take management and programming of a public park against the resident's wishes?

Our Civic Club worked hard on the letter below and we believe it reflects the concerns that exist for our neighborhood. 

There are several things in the Press Release that are of great concern to us: 

1. The text and renderings clearly show that the OS assumed more than a year ago that the  Saxophone would be installed. The text explicitly says Fonde Park's nine acres will be integrated with the OS campus, and the rendering shows it. It shows a new structure right in the middle of the green space now used by youth soccer and baseball teams. It shows the Saxophone anchoring the OS at the far side of Fonde Park, essentially marking the southern boundary of the OS  campus, and it suggests the Carrolton Street parking spaces have been removed

2. The rendering shows inadequate onsite parking for the campus. To the extent there is one, the plan for parking seems to rely on city streets and the Fonde Park Hansford Ave. parking lot.  There are an unknown number of parking spaces on the east side of the building, and the only other parking shown is in Fonde Park. Fonde Park now has 2 parking areas, one on Carrolton, and one at the end of Hansford Avenue (abutting the OS on the north). The rendering does not take into account the 24 unit project being built adjacent to the Southeast corner of Fonde Park (at the corner of Knoblock and Carrolton), which when complete and inhabited, within a year, will add additional pressures to local parking. The rendering shows that the campus can easily hold 100+ people at a time, which represents a lot of cars and traffic. As it is now, Munger frequently becomes very congested from people visiting Smither Park.  

 We anticipate traffic and parking on Carrolton to become serious issues affecting our neighborhood. Please go to our "Current Issues" page to learn more about the construction on Knoblock street.