Fonde Civic Club Newsletter 9:22.pdf

Fonde Civic Club September 2022 Meeting Agenda


Treasury Report

Updates from City and State Representatives

Civic Club Business:

-Update on Minimum Lot Size Ordinance:

A committee is being formed. Jost Lunstroth will be helping us.

Jost is looking into the possibility of doing the minimum lot size block by block to make sure we can cover the neighborhood.

We are working on a timeline. If you are willing to get signatures for your block or another block once we go door to door please email us.

-National Night Out:

-Volunteers for Set Up and Take Down

-How much to approve for expenditures? Suggested $125 Vote

-Donations Needed: ice, chips, desserts, soda, donations towards food, etc.

-FCC SmokeSax Survey

We are still taking in surveys

Please follow up with your neighbors about it.

Membership Drive:

Tabled for this month

Volunteer Sign up:

Refreshments and hosting space for the upcoming Meetings

Help with Newsletter Distribution especially Des Jardines

Website, Facebook Page

Attending monthly city meetings such as the PIP meeting or Superneighborhood.

Close Meeting: