Spur 5 to 610 UPDATES

FFC is committed to representing our neighborhood and other adjacent communities affected by this project. 

This page is to inform you of what we are doing and opportunities for you to get involved.

FCC officers at the H-GAC

Have you heard of the Houston-Galveston Area Council

Also known as H-GAC, it is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

The Houston Galveston Area Council (H-GAC)'s job is to develop transit funding priorities and project budgets for state and federal transportation dollars.

They do this by having a yearly transportation improvement program (TIP) which is a list of projects that are

available to receive funding. For a transportation project to get funding it must be in the TIP.

Their Transportation Policy Council meet on January 27th and two of FCC's Officers attended to provide public comments.

You can watch our public comments :

Letter Submitted by Senator Carol Alvarado to the Texas Department of Transportation (aka the bosses of TXDOT).

The Senator listened to our concerns promptly and swiftly submitted the letter during the public comment period which is now also closed. Talk about prioritizing the community's voice in action.

 Thank you Senator Alvarado for representing our community!

CSJ.017809019 SCA Public Comment.pdf