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Subject: SH 35 (Spur 5) from I-45 to I-610

Dear TxDOT staff and government officials,

Here are my requests for SH 35 (Spur 5) from I-45 to I-610, CSJ: 0178-09-019:

  • TxDOT should engage the public on a boulevard alternative with continuous sidewalks, protected bike lanes, and no more than 4 lanes for cars. If TxDOT builds a boulevard instead of a freeway, the people near SH 35 will enjoy better air quality, less flooding, and more economic development.

  • TxDOT should engage the public on rapid transit options in the corridor, both within Houston and extending to Pearland and Alvin. If TxDOT builds rapid transit along SH 35, it will support more population growth and will carry more people than a freeway could.

  • TxDOT should do scenario planning and consider urban infill scenarios. The status quo of suburban sprawl brings traffic death, pollution, and flooding. Sprawl makes us car-dependent, which harms physical fitness and increases cost-of-living.

  • TxDOT should design city streets with high-comfort bike lanes, no slip lanes, and crossings that do not span more than 2 lanes.

  • TxDOT should provide safe crossings for pedestrians and bikes at least every 700 feet along the corridor. TxDOT’s design will limit local commerce because crossings are typically over 1 mile apart. That is also a safety issue because when crossings are too far apart, pedestrians will make their own path across the mainlanes.

  • TxDOT should set speed limits between 20-35 mph following NACTO’s guide “City Limits: Setting Safe Speed Limits on Urban Streets.”

  • TxDOT should return some of its highway land by establishing community land trusts. These trusts would serve as reparations to economically disadvantaged people who have been burdened by dangerous Texas highways for generations.

  • TxDOT should build to withstand a 500-year flood instead of a 100-year flood as planned. TxDOT should coordinate flood mitigation with Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD).

  • TxDOT should plant trees between the pedestrian/bike realm and the drive lanes. Trees provide shade, evaporative cooling, and physical protection for pedestrians when cars exit the roadway.

  • TxDOT should provide crossings for the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail along both banks of the bayou where it meets SH 35.

  • TxDOT should start a new public input process that includes all of the above features.

  • TxDOT should not move forward with any project unless the public rates it 4/5 or better on a 1-5 scale. Is TxDOT really doing its job when it acts without public support?

Please try again. Please design a project that prioritizes health and shared prosperity over car speed and car capacity.


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